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To my beloved brother

Death has always been something unreal for me.

Of course, like everyone else, I quickly understood during my childhood that human beings eventually die. However, death was something unreal because it seemed to happen only to others.

I was fortunate in my childhood not to see any of my loved…

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Being able to live the life of your dreams without having to work every day is something that has already crossed your mind. For some, it has even become a life goal. Life led by the ultra-rich is intriguing. Wealth has always been the stuff of dreams. …

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Every day, you have to process hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces of information. How we interpret this information will have a very strong impact on your mindset and quality of life.

Faced with each situation, individuals will react in a way that is unique to them.

Over time, your…

Illustration by author

In the world of personal development, a major trend has been present for several years now. It consists of waking up at 5 A.M. every morning. This good habit would make the difference between those who succeed and those who fail.

Of course, some people are exceptions to this rule…

Photo: Alexander Mils/Unsplash

Money is something that a majority of people do not master. The more I talk about money with people, the more I realize that many have a total ignorance of the subject.

It’s not that surprising. The education system has never taught you what money is, and even worse, how…

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The roads to success are many and varied. There is no magic formula for success. That’s the beauty of life, and why it’s pointless to keep comparing yourself to others.

Building your path to what represents your success is what you should strive for. No more, no less.

However, there…

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In May 2021, China banned Bitcoin mining from its territory in a strict manner. We then witnessed a great exodus of Bitcoin mining from China to the West, and in particular to America.

According to the latest estimates from Cambridge University, America now accounts for more than 42% of the…

Illustration by Sylvain Saurel

In March 2020, just before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I analyzed different scenarios for Bitcoin’s market cap in the future. At that time, Bitcoin’s market cap was much lower than it is today, at around $166 billion.

I compared Bitcoin’s market cap to that of other markets such…

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When I was younger, I would try to impress others, and I would frequently monopolize the floor to draw attention to myself. This attitude was counterproductive, but it wasn’t until many years later that I realized it.

In reality, listening is much more important than talking in life.

We could…

Image: Hedgeye

Do you remember what Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said earlier this year about inflation in America? If not, let me refresh your memory.

Jerome Powell told us then that inflation would not be a problem in the months to come. The situation was under control. …

Sylvain Saurel

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