3 Key Principles For Becoming A Motivating And Inspiring Leader

By applying them, you will be able to become a motivating and inspiring leader.

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Leaders who can both motivate and inspire their troops are rare. People combining these two characteristics are therefore often respected and admired by all. Many people want to become motivating and inspiring leaders but mistakenly think that these leaders are born a leader. Not feeling like a leader’s soul, these people will resign themselves to it when there are 3 key principles to know and apply to become a motivating and inspiring leader.

These 3 key principles are very well highlighted by the author Daniel Pink in his book “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us” which I strongly recommend you to read.

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Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel Pink

Carrot And Stick Approach Does Not Work

If you want to become a motivating and inspiring leader, you must first realize that this status is earned in relation to others and cannot be decreed overnight by force.

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Carrot and Stick approach on which some leaders try to rely to establish their power clearly does not work. Why? Simply because it tends to crush creativity while encouraging unethical behaviour such as cheating. All this will create an addiction that encourages short-term thinking.

Whether you are already a team leader or about to become one, you must therefore forget the formula “If you do this, you will have this…”. This formula can work in the very short term but it will not give you the status of a motivating and inspiring leader.

In order to become a motivating and inspiring leader, you must think differently and rely on 3 key principles that will allow the people under your responsibility to develop and give the best of themselves on a daily basis.


The first thing to understand is that the people you lead do not necessarily tend to avoid making efforts and not working hard. In fact, work is just as natural as rest or play.

What makes the difference is the goals you will give to these people but also the environment in which you will allow them to evolve. By creating an environment that is conducive to everyone’s development, you will have people who will naturally want to work hard and take more initiative.

Autonomy is therefore the first key principle to be applied. Giving sufficient autonomy to the people you manage will boost their creativity. In addition, they will seek more responsibility, which will give you the opportunity to delegate more tasks to them.

By offering your employees greater choices, you will give them the freedom they need to be motivated and encouraged to propose new projects to you. In the end, you will be a winner and, even better, the people you lead will also be winners because they will be able to develop better. However, this is essential because the role of a leader is first and foremost to enable the people around him or her to develop in the course of their work.


Once your employees have been given autonomy, you will have to allow them to reach a maximum level of control. First of all, you must keep in mind that really mastering what you are doing requires a lot of work and effort.

Nevertheless, this is essential. Without mastery, an employee can never be truly motivated in his work because he will often feel overwhelmed or even lost. You will therefore have to be patient and encourage your employees’ progress as it should be. Show them the right way to master what they are doing and perform feedback cycles in which you highlight what they have done well and what remains to be done to reach the next level.

In addition, you must put in place the conditions for them to achieve this famous mastery. Offer the necessary training on a regular basis, for example, to ensure that your employees always stay up to date and continue to be motivated by their leader.

The leader who allows his employees to achieve complete control of his work is rewarded twice over. First of all, he is strengthened in his status as a leader because he obtains the respect of his employees. Secondly, he is rewarded because an employee who has mastered his environment and work will tend to propose additional things that will benefit the company.


Finally, there is one last key principle to becoming a motivating and inspiring leader. You must be able to bring out the purpose of what you are trying to accomplish on a daily basis for your employees. Indeed, there is nothing worse than working without goals.

You must absolutely avoid this bad habit if you want to have motivated and inspired employees. Take the example of a great leader such as Jeff Bezos. He constantly motivates his employees by promoting Amazon’s missions and placing the customer at the centre of all his employees’ concerns.

Thus, he is a motivating and inspiring leader because all his teams know why they work and what the purpose of what they do on a daily basis is. Their efforts make sense.

Of course, as a leader, you will not always have the same opportunities as Jeff Bezos to motivate and inspire your troops. Nevertheless, you must keep in mind that you must always bring out the purpose of what you are asking the people around you.


No one is born a leader. Becoming a leader is something that is worked on a daily basis and requires a lot of effort. The starting point is to know the 3 key principles of autonomy, control and purpose. Once identified, you will have to put them into practice so that your teams can develop and give meaning to their daily efforts. This is how you can gradually emerge as a motivating and inspiring leader for your employees.

The road is long, but the payoff is clearly worth it.

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