3 Ways For Making Money With Bitcoin In 2019

More and more people are seeking to make money online. Their purpose is simple: generating additional income in a more or less passive way. The phenomenal growth in the prices of many cryptocurrencies, and of Bitcoin in particular, in recent years has therefore naturally attracted their attention. We are in 2019 and Bitcoin is back in a bullish market with a price above $11,000.

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The most accessible way to earn money with Bitcoin remains always the same in 2019. You will have to buy Bitcoins using fiat currency and then be patient. You will be part of the HODLERS. By joining the HODLERS, you will accumulate Bitcoins and wait for the price to continue to rise in the future. This strategy may seem simple, but many find it difficult to follow when the Bitcoin is in a prolonged bear market and fear is beginning to take hold of many investors.

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Bitcoin Price Evolution Since 2013


In order to validate the transactions performed on the Blockchain Bitcoin, miners use their computing power to solve the mathematical puzzle at the heart of the Proof of Work (Pow) algorithm. When they manage to validate a block of transactions, miners are rewarded with newly generated new Bitcoins and by the amount of transaction fees that remain relatively low. As a reminder, 12.5 BTC are created and offered as a reward to minors who have validated a block. This reward will be halved in 2020 during an operation called Halvening.

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Performing Tasks

A last way for making money with Bitcoin in 2019 is to perform paid tasks in Bitcoin. To do this, there are some sites that offer to pay you in Bitcoins when you perform specific micro-tasks such as registering on a platform, following a particular Twitter account, writing an article or answering questions about your areas of expertise.


A first example of such a platform is Bounty0x that is a decentralized platform for the creation, completion and validation of bounties. Bounties are bonuses that will be allocated for the achievement of specific tasks listed on the Bounty0x platform. The latter aims to facilitate the management of bounty programs where companies will pay developers to detect bugs in their programs.

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The Earn.com platform is an other good example of a site where you can earn Bitcoins in this way. Once you have registered on the platform, you will have a profile on earn.com. From that moment on, you will be paid to receive and reply to messages but also to perform other tasks sent by users of the platform.

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  • $5
  • $20
  • $100


Contrary to what some people say, Bitcoin is still an excellent opportunity to make money in 2019. I showed you 3 ways to do it. The first involves patience and intelligence, the second involves a significant initial investment and the last requires a minimum of skills and above all time.

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