6 Attitudes You Must Avoid To Be Happy In Your Life

Just be yourself and everything will be fine.

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Being happy in life is not easy. I mean, to be really happy and being able to be yourself in all circumstances. Some people even spend a lifetime playing a role for fear of being themselves. It is unfortunate because they are the first to suffer from it and they cannot get past it.

For some strange reason, some people seem convinced that they cannot be satisfied with being themselves to succeed in life. By staying on this way of thinking, it is difficult if not impossible to be really happy in my opinion.

I therefore propose that you proscribe 6 attitudes of your life in order to be really happy because you can finally be yourself. And it’s the best way for me to succeed in life while being happy at the same time. So it’s something essential you need to know.

1. Trying To Be Perfect

No one is perfect. This is an absolute truth, but some people seem to doubt it when they place others on a pedestal. Admiring someone is not bad as long as it remains constructive.

If you admire someone and only want to be like him or her, you will lose yourself. Then you will feel that everything you do in life is not up to the level of the person you admire.

This way, you will no longer be able to move forward and be someone who takes action. Why? Simply because you will be paralyzed by the fear of failure or the fear of not doing well enough in all circumstances.

So, you should never try to be perfect!

Be yourself, it’s already enough to make a success of your life. Take action, make mistakes and learn from them to become better the next time. This is the surest way to achieve success in the future.

2. Act According To Others

Some people have a sickly tendency to give too much importance to what others think. They even go so far as to act only on the reactions they think others will have to their actions!

That’s a bad attitude. You must never fall into this trap. You must act for yourself in all situations. Indeed, you are the one and only master of your destiny.

Be careful, when I say that, I’m not saying you shouldn’t listen to others. Of course, it can be interesting to listen to the views of other people. It can even be constructive in certain circumstances.

So you will listen to what others have to say and take this information and integrate it into your decision-making process. Then, you will decide for yourself, taking into account only your values and goals in life.

This attitude will allow you to move forward without ever having any regrets because you will have acted only according to your will.

3. Giving Too Much Importance To Material Things

I have the feeling that material possession has become a real obsession for more and more people in our society. Everyone wants to get rich so they can buy this famous Lamborghini and impress their neighbor, apparently.

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This attitude is dangerous and will necessarily make you miss the point!

Earning money and becoming rich is not an ultimate goal. Similarly, retiring at the age of 30 or 40 without having to do anything with your life is not, in my opinion, the ultimate goal either. Sorry to disappoint you.

The real goal you need to pursue is to get more time for yourself and the things that really matter in life.

And indeed, this requires more money. The money you earn will give you time for yourself and your quest for happiness. Nevertheless, money itself will not bring you this happiness.

So rather than giving too much importance to material things, you should seek to bring more value to the world around you because it is the best way to make your working time financially profitable and then have more time for yourself.

4. Living In The Past

Have you had any success in the past? Or have you experienced cruel disappointments? Well, knowing that the past is the past and that nothing can be changed anymore is essential.

Once you have learned the necessary lessons from your past experiences, you will need to move on quickly. You must move forward and not waste time complaining about your failures or congratulating yourself on your past successes.

If you have been successful, it is time to put yourself in danger and simply move on to new, even higher goals.

If you have had failures, it is even better since you can learn from these failures so that you do not repeat the same mistakes and thus move up a gear when you next try to achieve great things.

Never forget that the difference between the person who fails and the person who succeeds is that the one who succeeds in just trying again!

5. Giving Too Much Importance To Social Status

Success in life does not come from obtaining high quality titles in your professional environment. Similarly, having obtained prestigious diplomas in the future does not augur well for future success.

In life, it is what you do that will define who you are. You should therefore not give too much importance to the social status of the people you meet.

Respect everyone and position yourself as a student in front of everyone, whether they are superior or inferior to you from a hierarchical point of view. Indeed, in life, you can learn from everyone at any time!

Make humility your main weapon and do not consider social status to be of any importance. The people who achieve the greatest things are often the most humble. If you doubt it, look at Warren Buffett for example…

6. Lacking Humility And Seeking To Impress Others

This point follows quite naturally on from point 5 which I have just discussed with you. Humility is the key to being happy in life. If you are not naturally humble, you must work on your ability to respect and listen to others.

Don’t try to impress others with what you have accomplished in life. Consider like Jeff Bezos, who founded Amazon, that you start from scratch every day and that you have to prove yourself to achieve great things.

Nothing is taken for granted and everything must be conquered again every day in life. Keep the millionaire mindset and you will succeed in combining the two essential points that we all pursue: achieving great things in life while at the same time being happy.


Achieving great things while being happy is a quest for all of us. In order to facilitate this quest and achieve this ultimate goal, you will have to avoid the 6 superficial attitudes I told you about in this article.

In practice, it is simply being yourself. For me, the message is clear: be yourself in all circumstances and everything will be fine in your life. You will thus taste the happiness to which we all aspire.

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