6 Key Principles Of Ideas Made To Stick

Chip and Dan Heath reveal why some ideas survive and others die.

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A Must-Read Book

Principle 1: Simple

What is the secret of Southwest Airlines? Their motto of course!

Principle 2: Unexpected

What is an unexpected message? A message that will make you stop and question yourself.

“We’re going to create a pocket radio.”

Principle 3: Concrete

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Concrete ideas are much more powerful than abstract ideas based on great theories.

Principle 4: Credible

An example of credibility from within is an author who gives a free chapter of his book.

Credibility is based above all on concrete facts and successful experiences.

Principle 5: Emotional

“You see the guy who’s there and throws garbage out the window… You tell him I have a message for him… Don’t play with Texas.”

Therefore, the power of emotion in your messages should never be underestimated.

Principle 6: Stories

Stories are therefore an essential source of stimulation and inspiration.


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