6 Reasons Why You Must Switch To Brave Browser Now

Take back control of your privacy and drop Google Chrome.

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1. Brave Browser Respects And Protects Your Privacy

With Brave Browser, you will no longer need to install an extension to filter the content of web pages such as AdBlock.

2. Brave Browser Is Faster Than Its Competitors

Brave Browser succeeds in protecting your privacy while outperforming its competitors.

As a user, you have everything to gain by switching to Brave Browser completely.

3. Brave Browser Values Your Attention Time

With Chrome, you are the product that Google sells to advertisers.

Your user experience is severely penalized and your attention time no longer really belongs to you.

4. Support The Content Creators Of Your Choice With BAT Tokens

Sites and content creators wishing to benefit from Brave Rewards must register on the Basic Attention Token project as a verified Brave publisher.

5. Take Part In The Emergence Of An Innovative Advertising Model

Brendan Eich and the other members of Basic Attention Token projet believe that there is nothing wrong with advertising as such.

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Google’s advertising model is reaching its limits and other solutions may find a place in the sun in the future.

6. Promoting An Open Web

With Brave Browser, the Web will be faster and more user friendly.


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