6 Reasons Why You Must Switch To Brave Browser Now

Take back control of your privacy and drop Google Chrome.

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Brave is a browser that has been gaining popularity for several months now. Created in 2016 by Brendan Eich, the creator of the JavaScript programming language and cofounder of Mozilla Firefox, Brave Browser is closely linked to the Basic Attention Token cryptocurrency project.

Brendan Eich’s desire to create Brave Browser and the Basic Attention Token project was born from a simple observation: the current Internet is broken and users are the first victims. Their privacy is exploited for advertising purposes and they have become the product of web giants like Google.

Even worse, browsing the Web on a product like Google Chrome is becoming slower and slower due to the intensive tracking that is done but also to the increasingly intrusive ads that take time to load. All this is strongly detrimental to the user experience, which is becoming more and more disastrous.

In order to address this issue and create a new standard for an Open Web, Brave Browser was created. Its recent release in version 1.0 strengthens more than ever the innovative advertising model at the heart of Basic Attention Token. I will therefore explain to you through 6 reasons why it is time for you to regain control of your privacy on the Internet by putting Google Chrome aside for the benefit of Brave Browser.

1. Brave Browser Respects And Protects Your Privacy

Brave Browser is built from Chromium which is the open source base of Google Chrome. On this powerful base, Brave Browser adds its Brave Shields module which automatically blocks ads and trackers when you surf the web.

With Brave Browser, you will no longer need to install an extension to filter the content of web pages such as AdBlock.

Brave Browser was designed to make the users’ privacy the core of its architecture. Thus, the few data collected by Brave Browser are anonymized. So there is no tracking of your activity. You will be able to browse the Web safely since you will know that your personal data is not exposed to the sites you visit and to Google in the case of Chrome.

With Brave Browser, you are no longer the product but a user who can enjoy the Web without having to pay the price with its personal data.

2. Brave Browser Is Faster Than Its Competitors

In life, it often happens that we have to make concessions when we want to preserve certain things. In fact, you may think that the greatest respect for your privacy on the Internet involves a less efficient web browser than Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Brave Browser succeeds in protecting your privacy while outperforming its competitors.

Indeed, Brave Browser is one of the fastest browsers on the market. It loads web pages 3 to 6 times faster than its competitors on mobile or desktop. Data consumption is also half as high with Brave as with Google Chrome.

Finally, Brave consumes nearly 40% less memory than Chrome at runtime. All this implies that Brave Browser consumes less energy from the battery of your smartphone, for example.

As a user, you have everything to gain by switching to Brave Browser completely.

3. Brave Browser Values Your Attention Time

Google has the Chrome browser but also the ultra-dominant AdSense advertising network. Its advertising model is the one that currently dominates the Web.

It consists of collecting as much data as possible about you and tracking everything you do on the Internet to allow advertisers to target you more finely when they want to display ads.

With Chrome, you are the product that Google sells to advertisers.

When you surf with Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer, your browsing experience will be disrupted by an incalculable number of ads that are more and more intrusive. From now on, you are more and more often almost forced to click on an advertisement to be able to resume your navigation.

Your user experience is severely penalized and your attention time no longer really belongs to you.

With Brave Browser, your attention time is yours. You decide whether or not you want to view ads from time to time. And since watching an ad is something that costs you attention time, Brave Browser pays you in BAT tokens.

This Brave Browser module is called Brave Ads and is now available on iOS and iPad with the launch of version 1.0.

4. Support The Content Creators Of Your Choice With BAT Tokens

The third major feature of Brave Browser is the Brave Rewards program. The latter aims to support an Open Web by allowing users to reward content creators who are part of Basic Attention Token’s verified network with BAT tokens.

Once Brave Rewards is activated, the user can then send BAT to thank the creators of interesting content. This can be done directly at the time of navigation or by default applying recurring monthly payments for your favorite sites.

Sites and content creators wishing to benefit from Brave Rewards must register on the Basic Attention Token project as a verified Brave publisher.

Currently, more than 300,000 verified publishers have registered, including prestigious sites such as The Washington Post and The Guardian. The good news is also that content creators on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter or GitHub can register to benefit from the Brave Rewards program.

5. Take Part In The Emergence Of An Innovative Advertising Model

In the centre of Brave Browser is the Basic Attention Token project. This is an extremely promising cryptocurrency project because it addresses a real problem and has already a very large number of active users.

Brendan Eich and the other members of Basic Attention Token projet believe that there is nothing wrong with advertising as such.

Where the problem lies is when Web giants come to monitor and analyze user behavior to deliver increasingly targeted and intrusive ads.

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Behind the creation of the Basic Attention Token model, Brendan Eich wanted to highlight the following points:

  • Use of a web browser to control your ads.
  • Fair distribution of advertising revenues among advertisers, publishers and users.
  • Creation of a transparent and efficient digital advertising market.
  • Move from a quantitative to a qualitative advertising model: fewer ads but better quality ads.
  • Advertisers receive better data on their highlighted products.
  • A Blockchain-based payment system with the Basic Attention Token (BAT) at the centre of the system.
  • Prevention of the manipulation of the number of clicks by robots.
  • Avoid the misuse of users’ personal and mobile data by trackers when displaying advertisements.

The Basic Attention Token project clearly aims to revolutionize the world of online advertising by promoting a brand new model that respects users’ privacy. In addition, this brand new model is intended to be more equitable for the various stakeholders involved: users, advertisers and publishers.

This theme has become more and more important in recent months and will inevitably increase in the future.

Google’s advertising model is reaching its limits and other solutions may find a place in the sun in the future.

Basic Attention Token is clearly one of these solutions of the future, which justifies its immense potential. By downloading and using Brave Browser, you will be part of the emergence of an innovative advertising model that could become the reference in the future.

6. Promoting An Open Web

With the Brave Rewards program, Basic Attention Token wants to promote an Open Web. This new vision of the Web is being achieved through Brave Browser, which must continue to gain popularity with the general public.

With Brave Browser, the Web will be faster and more user friendly.

With the Open Web desired by Brave Browser, content creators are rewarded directly by users via BAT tokens. There is no need to flood the user with intrusive ads and collect data to hopefully generate profit.

Finally, in this vision of an Open Web, which could well be the Web 3.0 we will have in the future, user attention time is valued as it should be with BAT tokens.

Everyone has something to gain from the Open Web promoted by Basic Attention Token and its Brave browser. This is what makes the Basic Attention Token project so special and promising for the future.


We are very close to 2020 and the world is becoming aware of the threats that the GAFA pose to the privacy of users. Google’s advertising model, which is based on ever-increasing user data collection, clearly reaches its limits.

A solution like the one promoted by Basic Attention Token with its Brave Browser clearly has a bright future ahead of it. The Open Web that Brave promises us will be faster and more respectful of everyone’s privacy.

This vision of an Open Web supported by Basic Attention Token may seem utopian for some but it is already a reality with Brave Browser. All you have to do is download Brave Browser to join this new reality of the Web.

Blue Pill or Red Pill? It is up to you to make the right decision now.

(Disclaimer: The link I just gave you to download Brave Browser is my affiliate link. You can use it to download Brave Browser and discover a new vision of the Web while supporting my work. If you prefer to download Brave Browser without using this affiliate link, you can click here).

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