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Follow these 4 rules will change your life.

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Money is something that a majority of people do not master. The more I talk about money with people, the more I realize that many have a total ignorance of the subject.

It’s not that surprising. The education system has never taught you what money is, and even worse, how to manage your money in order to make the right decisions for your future.

There is one basic rule that you should have in mind, and it applies to all areas, and therefore to money:

“In life, it’s your ignorance that costs you money.”

So the less you know about money, the more you risk losing a lot of it. Whether you are very rich or very poor, this rule applies equally. …

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Image: Shepard Humphries / Pixabay

Don’t listen to what they say, do your own research on Bitcoin.

The coronavirus pandemic has triggered an economic crisis of a magnitude not seen in decades. To deal with this economic crisis, central banks around the world followed the same usual strategy: lowering interest rates to zero and printing a lot of fiat money out of thin air.

The big difference with this economic crisis is that the amount of money printed has reached amounts never seen before in history. More than 12,000 billion dollars have already been printed since March 2020 by the Fed and other central banks.

This central bank attitude has fed the vice of the governments of the major economic powers. The governments have in fact taken advantage of the situation to increase their public debts a little more to finance stimulus plans that have not yet been sufficient to restart the machine. …

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Illustration by Sylvain SaurelIn Bitcoin We Trust

Hint: Don’t panic, be a Bitcoin HODLer.

Bitcoin has the reputation of being an asset with an extremely volatile price. This reputation was born out of the significant increases and decreases in the Bitcoin price over short periods over the past few years.

The last example of high volatility in the Bitcoin price that we had was in March 2020. Amid the liquidity crisis that hit all liquid markets following the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the Bitcoin price fell by more than 50% in a few hours.

During this strong downward movement, the Bitcoin price went from just over $8K to $3.8K.

This example of Bitcoin’s price volatility, however, is becoming increasingly rare. We can see that over time, the Bitcoin price is becoming more and more stable and that the volatility of the Bitcoin price is concentrated in very short periods. …

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