Amazon must Launch its Own Cryptocurrency

It would make sense for Amazon to choose this option.

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A problem of trust in Facebook

While the Libra Blockchain seems to meet a number of criteria for independence from Facebook, the core of the problem is the wallet application Calibra, which will be integrated by default into Facebook Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp. Although Facebook denies it, it is likely that Facebook can actually have access to all your transactions made in Libra.

Everyone trusts Amazon

On the other hand, Amazon, Jeff Bezos’ company, has a very high brand image. It’s very simple, everyone trusts Amazon. The fact that most users agree to let Amazon store their credit card information to speed up their future purchases is clear evidence of this.

G7 Finance curbs Facebook’s ambitions

The G7 Finance Group, which brings together the finance ministers of the seven major world economic powers, met on 18 July 2019. On the agenda: Facebook’s Libra and the position of these different countries in the face of the risk of seeing the development of an alternative currency independent of the yoke of the central banks of these countries.

Amazon must take the opportunity to launch its own cryptocurrency

The difficulties encountered by Facebook should encourage Amazon to position itself and launch its own cryptocurrency. Indeed, the main thing Facebook is criticized for is the lack of trust in its practices. However, this problem does not arise with Amazon, which benefits from an excellent brand image. No scandal has broken out in Jeff Bezos’ company so far.

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