Are you Addicted to your Smartphone? Take the Test!

You’ve probably already noticed that you spend a lot of time with your smartphone. It is true that this small concentration of technology allows you to stay permanently connected to the world. In addition, you love this small dopamine discharge that you receive with each new notification from your favorite social media outlets such as Instagram or Facebook. However, this relationship has grown so much that some now accuse you of becoming addicted to your smartphone! Of course, you answer them that this is not possible, not you see yourself… Are you sure? To find out for sure and find out if you are really addicted to your smartphone once and for all, I suggest you simply take the test.

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The test I propose you do in this article was developed by Dr. David Greenfield. Founder of the Center for Internet and Technology Addiction, this professor at the Connecticut School of Medicine University created this simple 15-question test to allow everyone to take stock of their relationship with their smartphone.

A 15-question test to find out if you are addicted to your smartphone

Without further ado, here are the 15 questions of the test that will allow you to know if you are addicted to your smartphone or not. After reading a question, if the answer is positive and applies to you, you must score an additional point to your total points.

  1. Do you spend more time on your smartphone than you think?
  2. Do you regularly spend time without thinking when looking at your smartphone?
  3. Do you feel like you’re wasting time when you’re on your smartphone?
  4. Do you spend more time sending text messages, tweets or emails than talking to people in person?
  5. Are you spending more and more time on your smartphone?
  6. Would you like to spend less time using your smartphone?
  7. Do you sleep regularly with your smartphone on under your pillow or near your bed?
  8. Do you ever watch and answer text messages, tweets and emails at any time of the day or night, even if it means interrupting other things you are doing?
  9. Do you send text messages, emails, tweets, Snapchat messages, Facebook messages or surf while driving or doing other similar activities that require your attention and concentration?
  10. Do you feel that using your smartphone sometimes reduces your productivity?
  11. Do you feel reluctant to stay without your smartphone, even for a short period of time?
  12. Do you feel uncomfortable when you accidentally leave your smartphone in the car or at home, don’t have a network or have a broken smartphone?
  13. When you eat, is your smartphone always within reach next to you at the table?
  14. When your smartphone rings, beeps or vibrates, do you feel a strong urge to check for text messages, tweets, emails, updates, and so on?
  15. Do you ever check your smartphone several times a day, even though you know there’s probably nothing new or important to see?

Test result

Now that you have honestly answered the 15 questions on the test, you must have a total number of points. This total obtained during the test will allow you to know how addicted you are to your smartphone.

Dr. David Greenfield gives the following interpretations:

  • 1–2 points: Your behaviour is normal, but this does not mean that you should relax. Continue to master the use of your smartphone correctly.
  • 3–4 points: Your behaviour points towards problematic or compulsive use of your smartphone. Beware!
  • 5 points or more: It is likely that you have a problematic or compulsive use pattern for your smartphone.
  • 8 points or more: With a score above 8 points, you should almost consider consulting a psychologist specializing in behavioural addictions, according to Dr. David Greenfield!

The test shows that you are addicted to your smartphone, what should you do?

If you are like most people, you have just discovered the formal proof that you are addicted to your smartphone. In fact, you are eligible for a psychiatric evaluation, according to Dr. David Greenfield. Hard news to cash in…

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Let’s be honest, the only way to get less than 5 points on this test is not to have a smartphone. However, the fact that these smartphone addiction behaviors have become almost universal does not make them harmless. Rather, it would be an indication that the problem is even more serious since it is at the very level of society.

If you still doubt it, take the time to observe the people around you the next time you are in public. You will quickly realize that you are far from being the only one who is completely addicted to your smartphone. However, you have to do something and that’s why I suggest you discover a 30-day plan to free yourself from your addiction to your smartphone.

Free yourself from your addiction to your smartphone

The 30-day plan I propose you follow to free yourself from your smartphone addiction is in Catherine Prince’s excellent book “How to Break Up with Your Phone: The 30-Day Plan to Take Back Your Life”. This book that highlights a practical plan to follow will really help you cut down on your addiction to your smartphone.

How to Break Up with Your Phone — Catherine Price

Do not hesitate to discover it and especially to put it into practice!

In any case, feel free to share with me your experiences if you have already tried to free yourself from your addiction to smartphones by using the comments.

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