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Brave Browser’s Purpose Is Much Bigger Than Making You Rich With Some BAT

See the bigger picture, and don’t miss the point.

Numbers don’t lie. Brave Browser, the browser that promotes an open and privacy-friendly Web, continues to see its adoption grow. The number of monthly active users surpassed 12 million for Brave Browser in March 2020.

The 10 million monthly active users had been surpassed just 3 months earlier in December 2019. The growth of Brave Browser users is impressive when you consider that the 5 million mark was passed just over a year and a half ago in January 2019.

More and more users are embracing Brave Browser.

Brave Browser’s adoption is accelerating

At the heart of Brave Browser is the Basic Attention Token project with its token BAT. With its innovative advertising model, the project aims to establish a fairer distribution of advertising revenues between users, advertisers, and publishers.

The number of publishers continues to grow as well. At the time of writing, more than 724,000 publishers have registered as verified Brave Browser Publishers:

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Total number of Brave Browser Publishers as of June 26, 2020

In doing so, content creators allow Brave Browser users to give them BAT tokens to reward the quality of their content.

In my opinion, Brave Browser is an extremely promising project for the future that provides us with a more privacy-friendly alternative to Google Chrome.

Brave Browser will therefore have an essential role to play in the future to offer Internet users a weapon to protect their privacy online.

What pains me about Brave Browser is that more and more users are complaining on forums that they don’t get enough ads, and therefore don’t earn enough tokens BAT.

I feel that these people are losing sight of what is essential with Brave Browser and the Open Web model it promotes.

Once you enable advertising on Brave Browser, you can actually receive portions of tokens BAT to reward your attention time. The most important thing here is that Brave Browser gives you the choice whether or not to activate these ads.

However, if you have enabled these ads, you should not expect to get rich. This is clearly not the purpose of the Basic Attention Token model.

The tokens BAT are essential for content creators so that they can see their work rewarded without depending exclusively on ads.

As a user, collecting BAT is interesting if you make good use of them. It is about actually paying the content creators whose work you judge to be of high quality.

Accumulating tokens BAT without redistributing them is a bad thing

Unfortunately, I find that many Brave Browser users do not think this way. Their goal is to accumulate a lot of tokens BAT, and hold them until their value increases in the years to come.

This is a strategy that is understandable since BAT can be traded on exchange platforms against fiat currencies. Its price therefore evolves like that of other cryptocurrencies according to the principles of the law of supply and demand:

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BAT price evolution over time

Total supply of BAT is 1,500,000,000 tokens. This supply was created at the launch of the BAT token on May 31, 2017.

At this time, the Basic Attention Token project team has no intention of increasing the total supply of BAT token when 1,473,558,645 tokens are already in circulation.

However, this may be done in the future.

In fact, even though the BAT token may increase in value in the future, you should not expect to become rich by accumulating BAT tokens while browsing the Web with Brave Browser.

Rather, you should view your accumulation of BAT tokens as an opportunity to redistribute them to content creators in the future.

If you do not redistribute your tokens BAT, you miss the point

That’s the whole point, in my opinion. If you never redistribute your BAT tokens to content creators, you are not participating in building the Open Web model that Brave Browser stands for.

If you don’t really help develop the model behind Brave Browser, you indirectly support the Google Chrome approach.

As a user, you are already greatly rewarded by the simple fact that you have a browser like Brave Browser at your disposal.

As I explained earlier, Brave Browser allows you to browse the Web without being bothered by the countless ads, and without worrying about all the trackers that allow the giants of the web to know everything you do online.

You will no longer need to install an extension to filter the content of Web pages such as AdBlock for Google Chrome. Brave Browser has an integrated Adblocker.

With Brave Browser, you are no longer the product but a user who can enjoy the Web without having to pay the price with its personal data.

In life, it often happens that we have to make concessions when we want to preserve certain things. In fact, you may think that the greatest respect for your privacy on the Internet involves a less efficient Web browser than Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Brave Browser succeeds in protecting your privacy while outperforming its competitors.

Indeed, Brave Browser is one of the fastest browsers on the market. It loads Web pages 3 to 6 times faster than its competitors on mobile or desktop. Data consumption is also half as high with Brave Browser as with Google Chrome.

Finally, Brave consumes nearly 40% less memory than Chrome at runtime. All this implies that Brave Browser consumes less energy from the battery of your smartphone, for example.

As a user, you have everything to gain by switching to Brave Browser completely.

What Brave Browser gives you is more valuable than tokens BAT

So what Brave Browser offers you is far more valuable than the BAT tokens you can collect. In order to give Brave Browser a chance to really compete with Google Chrome in the future, you have to stop hoping to get rich by collecting BAT. Stop complaining on forums that you don’t get enough of them.

Instead, feel free to buy BAT tokens directly from a trading platform and then distribute them to the content creators you like.

By doing so, you will truly support Brave Browser and the innovative advertising model it builds. You’ll truly be part of the rise of an Open Web where the giants of the Web can no longer impose their diktat on us.

It’s up to you to step back and see the bigger picture. If you do, you will be able to see the essential: BAT tokens are not there to make you rich, but to participate in the construction of an open and innovative Web.

Then it’s up to you to act accordingly to really support the Basic Attention Token project, and Brave Browser.

(Disclaimer: The link I just gave you to download Brave Browser is my affiliate link. You can use it to download Brave Browser and discover a new vision of the Web while supporting my work. If you prefer to download Brave Browser without using this affiliate link, you can click here).

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