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Brave Browser’s Purpose Is Much Bigger Than Making You Rich With Some BAT

See the bigger picture, and don’t miss the point.

Brave Browser’s adoption is accelerating

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Total number of Brave Browser Publishers as of June 26, 2020

In doing so, content creators allow Brave Browser users to give them BAT tokens to reward the quality of their content.

However, if you have enabled these ads, you should not expect to get rich. This is clearly not the purpose of the Basic Attention Token model.

Accumulating tokens BAT without redistributing them is a bad thing

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BAT price evolution over time

At this time, the Basic Attention Token project team has no intention of increasing the total supply of BAT token when 1,473,558,645 tokens are already in circulation.

If you do not redistribute your tokens BAT, you miss the point

As a user, you are already greatly rewarded by the simple fact that you have a browser like Brave Browser at your disposal.

Brave Browser succeeds in protecting your privacy while outperforming its competitors.

What Brave Browser gives you is more valuable than tokens BAT

Instead, feel free to buy BAT tokens directly from a trading platform and then distribute them to the content creators you like.

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