Donald Trump’s Opponents Are Trapped by His Strategy of Denial of the Defeat for Four Reasons

Donald Trump still holds the keys.

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It has been ten days since Joe Biden was announced as the winner of the 2020 U.S. presidential election. The lawsuits filed in several states by Donald Trump supporters, as well as requests for recounts of the ballots, have not changed the case.

Joe Biden is the clear winner of the U.S. presidential election with more than 78 million votes in his favor.

If the result of the American election has been known for almost ten days, the president still in office, Donald Trump, still refuses to accept the choice made by the American people.

Donald Trump still claims victory

Donald Trump still refuses to concede defeat to Joe Biden.

Worse still, he has locked himself into a conspiracy theory based on massive fraud, which he obviously cannot prove. Donald Trump continues to proclaim loud and clear that he is the real winner of this election:

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Donald Trump Tweet

Joe Biden’s victory would only be due to the rigging of the presidential election, and to media that Donald Trump calls “FAKE NEWS MEDIA”.

It must be said that over the last few hours, Donald Trump has been particularly prolific in terms of tweets. He has not stopped sending out tweets to fuel this conspiracy theory.

Donald Trump wants to undermine Joe Biden’s legitimacy to keep his base loyal

Donald Trump’s goal is clear: he wants to keep his base loyal and united around him to continue influencing American political life beyond January 20, 2021. Indeed, after this date, Donald Trump will no longer be the current President of the United States.

Donald Trump is therefore already preparing the next step.

Recent polls have shown that more than 70% of Republican voters believe Donald Trump’s lies. This means that they do not recognize the legitimacy of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States.

If Donald Trump’s attitude makes him the laughing stock of the whole world, it is above all dangerous for American democracy which is more than ever attacked by his behavior. Donald Trump thinks above all of his own interests by acting in this way to the detriment of his country.

Republicans support Donald Trump in his conspiracy theory

The Democrats are obviously outraged to see Donald Trump behave in this way. Among Republicans, it seems that everyone is united behind Donald Trump. More and more Republican Senators are standing up for him.

Donald Trump’s closest collaborators, such as Mike Pence or Mike Pompeo, are playing into his hands by saying that the plan is to continue to govern for 4 years.

Everything is done to harm Joe Biden and limit his chances of succeeding in the challenge he has set himself with Kamala Harris for the next 4 years: to reconcile these two Americas that seem more divided than ever.

Yet, even among Republicans, most Senators are well aware that Donald Trump lost the election fairly.

Nevertheless, no one dares to oppose Donald Trump and risk alienating the 72 million voters who voted for a repeat of Donald Trump on November 3, 2020. Rather than the democracy, these GOP elected officials are choosing to focus on political strategy.

Donald Trump is currently an unsolvable problem

The problem currently represented by Donald Trump is insoluble in both camps. Both Democrats and Republicans find themselves trapped by Donald Trump’s refusal to concede defeat and facilitate the transition of power to the Biden administration.

What are Donald Trump’s main motivations at the moment? There are four main motivations:

  1. Donald Trump wants to maintain his hold on the Republican Party so that he can be the one to represent Republicans in the 2024 presidential election.
  2. Donald Trump wants to capitalize on his popularity, which remains extremely high, as shown by the 72 million votes he obtained.
  3. Donald Trump wants to make sure he gets immunity from the federal lawsuits that await him after January 20, 2021.
  4. Donald Trump wants to protect his family members so that they can continue to run their business and possible political activities.

Donald Trump prepares for the aftermath of January 20, 2021

For the first point, it’s on the right track.

By refusing to concede defeat for almost ten days now, Donald Trump has made sure that he keeps his loyal base and can continue to raise funds for “Save America”, a political committee that has just been created and is supposed to help him finance his post-presidential operations.

The second point is tricky. Donald Trump sees his empire under great pressure. For many, the Trump empire is a debt-financed house of cards. Donald Trump knows this, and so he wants to retain enough authority and prestige to be able to obtain new loans to refinance his businesses.

Some say the debt is between $400 million and $1 billion. That’s huge even for Donald Trump.

He’s going to have to refinance it, and he’s considering, for example, using his popularity to create a digital media channel to compete with Fox.

Donald Trump thinks about a strategy to be pardoned

The third point is critical. Federal judges are just waiting for the end of Donald Trump’s term as president to go on the offensive. As of January 21, 2021, Donald Trump will finally become an attainable target.

Donald Trump wants to obtain immunity from these federal lawsuits. He believes that the law may allow him to pardon himself. This is something new that should surely be decided in the end by the Supreme Court, where he has just appointed Amy Coney Barrett.

The American Supreme Court thus has 6 conservative judges out of 9, including 3 directly appointed by Donald Trump. Trump hopes to be able to take advantage of this situation if necessary.

Another option for Donald Trump would be to resign in favor of Mike Pence so that the latter would pardon him. Richard Nixon had done this so that Gerald Ford pardoned him via a presidential proclamation on September 8, 1974.

Finally, the last point also depends on the first three. If Donald Trump retains sufficient authority and political weight, he will be able to better protect his family members.

If Donald Trump achieves his goals, he will be an insurmountable obstacle for the next four years

All of Donald Trump’s opponents are well aware of his current motivations. If Donald Trump had guarantees on these four points I have just outlined, it is highly likely that he would agree to concede defeat to leave the hand to Joe Biden more quickly.

The problem is that if Joe Biden facilitated some of these points, it would ultimately only strengthen Donald Trump for the post-January 20, 2021 period. He would then become an incredibly powerful obstacle for the four years of Biden’s presidency.

Many Republicans don’t particularly want Donald Trump to succeed in those four points, because again, they would have to put up with him for another four years or more.

If Trumpism is to persist in the Republican Party for a long time, many would prefer that the ideas that made Donald Trump successful be embodied by other heads at the party. Political interests prevail, however.

The GOP cannot afford to alienate pro-Trump voters even though two Senate seats will be at stake in Georgia in early January 2021. Under these circumstances, everyone is standing together behind Donald Trump, who appears stronger than ever now.


Donald Trump loves the current situation. Indeed, the most important thing for him is to remain at the center of media attention. His current behavior shows it. Donald Trump is putting on a show and is delighted to see that Joe Biden’s victory has almost been eclipsed by his actions over the last ten days.

This is his goal for the months to come, and all his opponents find themselves trapped by the denial of the defeat of the man who seems more than ever to hold the keys for the weeks to come.

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