How to make money online in 2019 ?

This question has become an existential one for a number of people in recent years. Indeed, it is very difficult, unless you live in a cave cut off from the world, not to have already heard about the need to have side projects in life in order to develop your skills but also to generate money online in order to have an additional salary always interesting.

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For some, this additional salary can even turn into a new life. I am thinking of people launching a side project that becomes a startup and then attracts enough users to allow the founders to leave their work and live off their passion.

Having a side project is therefore a necessity in 2019. Nevertheless, when it comes time to start, many people start going in circles before asking themselves the following question: How do you make money online in 2019?

This is indeed the essential starting point, but many people will have difficulty finding the right answers to this question. Some may even drop out and finally come to the following conclusion: making money online is no longer possible! We heard some apologies such as: all the good ideas have already been taken. Others will say, there are too many people, it’s no longer possible.

All these people are wrong and there are still many unexplored opportunities and niches to make money online in 2019. There are many ideas: dividend stocks, peer to peer lending, rental properties, investing in a business, creating your own business online, creating a blog, writing article on Medium, selling a eBook online, creating a course on Udemy, selling stock photos, creating a mobile application, freelancing on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork, affiliate marketing, network marketing, dropshipping, …

I can reassure you right away that the list is far from exhaustive. So there are a significant number of opportunities to make money online in 2019 and the big question now is how you can seize them. How do you get started?

To help you, I have decided to create Making Money Online Digest, a dedicated weekly newsletter that will allow you to receive by email the best content to learn how to earn money online in 2019. The best articles, tips, online courses and videos will be offered to give you the keys to get started in 2019.

Feel free to discover Making Money Online Digest now, registering for free and sharing your ideas for improvement or your best articles to help other to find inspiration to making money online.

Now it’s up to you to play and you’ll have no excuses for not taking action in 2019!

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