In several areas where Google has a hegemonic position, there are free and even decentralized solutions.

The problem is that they have far fewer users and are therefore less lucrative.

Content creators only consider these alternative platforms as a last resort when Google has banned them.

This is a mistake that gives Google more and more power.

The proof of my point is the reaction of all those YouTubers who are so happy that Google has given them back their YouTube channel that they will resume their creative work as if nothing had happened and continue to make YouTube flourish.

In a year or two years, YouTube will ban them for good, and again, they’re going to be surprised.

Now is the time for them to react by leaving YouTube and going to these decentralized platforms.

They are less lucrative but they can help develop them by promoting them to their audience.

By bringing more and more users to these alternatives, they will be more and more profitable.

But we have to make the initial effort!

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