Joe Biden Wants to Unite and Heal America, but How Is He Going to Do It?

Joe Biden wants to reconcile the two Americas.

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“It’s time for America to unite and to heal”

— Joe Biden

With these words, Joe Biden has set the course that will be his for the four years of his presidential term, which will officially begin in January 2021.

Plan to beat COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over. The second wave is catching up with the United States, and Joe Biden has already decided to set up a crisis cell and a research group.


Donald Trump’s economic program during his presidential term divided the United States more than ever before. Donald Trump reinforced the inequalities in the United States with a policy that mainly benefited the richest.


Joe Biden has always been very committed to environmental protection and the fight against climate change. As early as 1972, during his campaign to be elected for the first time to the Senate, Joe Biden was talking about measures to fight climate change and better protect the environment.

  • Smart power grids.
  • Low-energy buildings.
  • Public transportation
  • Incentives for zero-emission vehicles

National Security

Like Donald Trump, Joe Biden has repeatedly stated that he does not support the calls for “defund the police” that have been growing in the United States in recent months after the murders of George Floyd in Minnesota and Breonna Taylor in Kentucky.

  • Investing in equipment.
  • Improve the cameras worn by police officers on their uniforms.


Joe Biden was Barack Obama’s Vice President for 8 years. He was at his side when Barack Obama established Obamacare. Joe Biden is very attached to this strong reform of the Obama era.

Gun Control Plan

In the summer of 2019, Joe Biden declared that he wanted to ban assault weapons in the United States in the event of victory. Joe Biden said that “The United States has a huge problem with firearms”.

Foreign Policy

Joe Biden kept reminding us that he considered that Donald Trump had weakened the United States on the international scene with his “America First” doctrine. Over time, it even became an “America Alone” doctrine.


Joe Biden has just been elected to become the 46th President of the United States. If the joy of ending the Donald Trump experiment had been great in the Democrats, Joe Biden immediately wanted to show that he was well aware of the extraordinary challenges that awaited him with Kamala Harris for the next four years.

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