Joe Biden Will Become the Next POTUS, but the Hardest Part Is About to Begin for Him and Kamala Harris

They will have to reconcile these two Americas more divided than ever before.

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The U.S. presidential election took place on November 3, 2020. Everything has gone smoothly before this election despite Donald Trump’s repeated attempts to destabilize the democratic process for several months. The problem lies in the 72 hours that separate us from the day of this election.

No one is yet able to officially know the name of the next president of the United States. Things are nevertheless beginning to clear up, but this election will certainly remain as one of the tightest in recent decades.

The situation is tight, but Joe Biden will become the next POTUS

At present, Joe Biden has 264 electors against 214 for Donald Trump:

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2020 US election results (in progress)

To be elected President of the United States, one must reach the 270 electors. Joe Biden is getting closer and closer to the goal.

There are still 4 swing states in which the counting of votes is still going on:

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Swing states results (in progress)

Concretely, Joe Biden only needs to win Nevada to be elected President of the United States. That would bring him the 6 electors he misses.

The situation is tightening in Georgia and Pennsylvania where Joe Biden could end up realizing the grand slam in the Rust Belt since he already won Michigan and Wisconsin.

In any case, it will only be a few thousand votes between the two candidates in these states. Under these conditions, Donald Trump has already asked for recounts in several states, starting with Wisconsin.

Donald Trump will show his worst face in the coming days

Donald Trump has even gone so far as to ask that the ballots counting be stopped 24 hours after the end of the votes. He wanted the Supreme Court to proclaim him directly President of the United States without waiting for the votes of millions of American citizens to be counted.

You can see what a pitiful situation Donald Trump is plunging the United States into right now.

Nevertheless, this only delays the obvious result: Joe Biden will become the next President of the United States. It will prevent U.S. citizens from having to suffer from the second term of Donald Trump in the White House. A probably even catastrophic term than the first one.

Rid of Donald Trump, the Democrats will probably have a sense of accomplishment.

Joe Biden’s victory should not obscure the fact that 69 million Americans voted for Donald Trump

But this victory of Joe Biden will only be the beginning of something extremely hard for the new president and his vice-president Kamala Harris. More than 69 million Americans will have voted for Donald Trump once again.

These citizens should not be left out in the cold as Donald Trump did with the voters who voted for Hillary Clinton four years ago. America is more divided than ever. Donald Trump has been steadily deepening the divisions to maximize his chances of winning this election.

All the work of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be to reconcile these two Americas.

Without a united and strong America, the country will not be able to fight properly in the great challenges that await it in the coming decade. The rise of China, which aims to become the world’s leading power by 2030, is something that will preoccupy the Biden administration in the same way that it preoccupied Donald Trump.

However, Joe Biden will have to be much more strategic than Donald Trump if he wants to fight China effectively on a global scale.

Donald Trump’s “America First” strategy has shown its limits, and over time it has become an “America Alone” strategy. Joe Biden will be eagerly awaited on this crucial issue.

Joe Biden’s plans will get complicated with a Republican Senate

The problem for Joe Biden lies in the Senate, which should remain Republican according to the latest news:

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2020 US Senate election results (in progress)

While the House of Representatives will remain Democratic, there is a small breakthrough by Republicans, who are already taking 6 additional seats, where Democrats are losing 5.

This means that it is indeed the personality of Donald Trump that will make him lose this election. The themes defended by the Republicans remain important in the eyes of a large part of the American electorate.

This is something that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will not be able to ignore that.

The hardest part is about to begin for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

With a Republican-held Senate, Biden will be slowed down as he pushes through the various reforms he had in mind. The stimulus package of more than $2 trillion that the Senate was ready to pass under Donald Trump’s presidency could be stalled in the coming months.

Indeed, Republicans will be much more cautious when it comes to turning on the tap on public debt if the President is a Democrat. It’s all a question of posture here, since, under Donald Trump’s presidency, the American public debt increased by more than 7,000 billion dollars in 4 years, almost as much as Barack Obama in 8 years of presidency.

The economic reforms that Joe Biden wants to push through could also find themselves in trouble in a Republican Senate.

I am referring to Joe Biden’s intention to raise corporate taxes from 21% to 28%, but also his willingness to raise taxes for individuals earning more than $400K per year from 37% to 39%.

Joe Biden also aims to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $15. This is a vital reform to help millions of precarious American workers who have been sidelined by Donald Trump’s economic policies over the past four years.

Joe Biden’s main challenge over the next 4 years will be to correct the inequalities that Donald Trump has continued to magnify during his term in office while trying to keep the 69 million people who voted for Donald Trump from being left by the wayside.

The challenge is immense, and a Republican Senate will make the task ahead of Joe Biden even more difficult.


Once officially elected President of the United States, Joe Biden will therefore have to continue to remain measured to begin his work of reconciling the two Americas. The work of Kamala Harris, who is not known for her conciliatory qualities, will also be highly regarded.

This will tell us more about her ability to one day become the first woman president of the United States, which remains her deepest ambition. We are obviously not there yet, and that is why, for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the hardest part will begin once the official results of the election are announced.

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