Most New Managers Fail For One Unique Reason

You need to know it to protect yourself and succeed as a manager.

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Becoming A Manager Gives You Great Power

In my opinion, becoming a manager gives you great power. I include all types of managers in my discussion. So it starts with managers from a small team of five to ten people to go to the manager who leads his growing startup in which nearly a hundred employees will work every day to help the startup achieve its objectives.

Great Power Implies Great Responsibilities

If your only goal in becoming a manager was to be able to give orders for your employees to work hard for you, you will fall down. Let me tell you that becoming a manager is really the opposite.

The Manager Must Work For His Employees

Most managers who fail in their first experience, and sometimes in their subsequent experiences, have not realized that when they take up this position, they must now work for their employees.

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