My view is that the market has not yet integrated the Halving of Bitcoin which will take place in May 2020. I explain it here:

The information is available to people who are already in the Bitcoin market.

However, Halving is something that new entrants don’t even know about.

And they are the ones who will drive the price of Bitcoin up sharply in the 18 months following the price of Bitcoin.

As a result of Halving, with equal demand, the price of Bitcoin will start to rise.

More media coverage will lead to new entrants who will be afraid to miss Bitcoin.

As soon as Bitcoin reaches $15K, there will be another Bitcoin euphoria.

Bitcoin will enter a virtuous circle with increasing demand, and therefore a price that will continue to rise.

It is this mechanism that will allow the price of Bitcoin to rise sharply in 2020, but even more so in 2021.

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