Sinking Into Groundless Conspiracy Theory, Donald Trump Finds Himself Isolated Within the GOP

Donald Trump acts like a sore loser.

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After an election as crucially important as the one currently being played in the United States, the losing candidate has two ways of reacting. The first is to accept his defeat with dignity, before making a concession speech that will make him greater in the eyes of the Americans.

This was the path chosen by John McCain in 2008 when he lost the election to Barack Obama. More than his defeat, it is his concession speech that everyone remembers today.

John McCain achieved the feat of coming out of defeat greater than he was before the election.

Donald Trump chose to act like a sore loser

This is not something that is given to everyone. Some men just don’t have the ability to do it. Donald Trump is one of those men who will choose the second option in the face of defeat. Needless to say, this option is the wrong one and will only demean the man who is already considered the worst president in the history of the United States.

Nearly 96 hours after the last polling stations in the United States closed, the official winner of the U.S. presidential election is still unknown.

However, one thing has become clear in the last 24 hours: Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States. The last swing states in which the counting of the votes is still going on are now tipping over to Joe Biden’s side.

Another sign does not deceive. The American secret service has sent reinforcements to the Wilmington side where Joe Biden is patiently waiting for the final results to be announced. The protection of the man who will become the next president of the United States is now a priority.

Joe Biden will still have to wait sometime before he can officially announce his victory. Indeed, Donald Trump, like a bad loser, will multiply the appeals to delay the inevitable: his defeat.

Defeat horrifies Donald Trump, who denounces a groundless conspiracy theory

The very idea of defeat seems to horrify Donald Trump. It horrifies him to such an extent that Donald Trump does not stop claiming that he has won this American presidential election in 2020. Every intervention of the current President of the United States serves to propagate this lie.

On November 5, 2020, Donald Trump made a speech of historic dishonesty. For 15 minutes, the current tenant of the White House went even further in misinformation than in his previous speeches.

Donald Trump denounced massive frauds in many states without ever being able to provide the slightest proof. Trump then claimed to be the victim of a conspiracy to prevent him from winning the election. He believes that his victory is being stolen from him.

After his speech, Trump refused to respond to reporters at the White House. Indeed, Donald Trump knew very well that these journalists were in a position to contradict him and prove his lies.

In an extremely rare occurrence, the intervention of the President of the United States was even interrupted by ABC, CBS, and NBC. The journalists immediately wanted to deny the president’s words and the famous conspiracy theory that he is now trying to convey.

CNN and Fox News did not cut him off but engaged in an exhaustive analysis afterward to demonstrate that Donald Trump’s allegations were false.

Aware of Donald Trump’s inevitable defeat, the GOP no longer supports his lies

The more time goes by, the more the inevitable is confirmed: Donald Trump will lose this presidential election. He will not be re-elected President of the United States. In many states, the margin will be tiny, since Joe Biden will win by a few thousand votes.

Nevertheless, these votes are in favor of Joe Biden, not Donald Trump. The will of the American people is therefore clear.

Donald Trump will lose the Rust Belt states, as well as Nevada and Arizona. Joe Biden could even surpass the 300 electors at the current rate of progress.

We are witnessing before our eyes the fall of Donald Trump and his entire clan. Within the GOP, Republicans are disassociating themselves one after another from Donald Trump. Mitt Romney was very clear that “Donald Trump is wrong to say that the election was rigged”.

For the past four years, Donald Trump has been undermining American democracy. These kinds of baseless allegations will do even more harm to democracy in general.

Republicans choose democracy over Donald Trump

Republicans are choosing to witness the fall of Donald Trump as spectators and not as actors defending their leader tooth and nail. It must be said that Donald Trump has this time pushed the limits of the ridiculous.

He had not hesitated the day after the election to ask that the recounts stop so that the Supreme Court would designate him President of the United States.

Such a declaration showed everyone how much the outgoing president was losing his means. Donald Trump had just said that he would rather have millions of votes of American citizens disregarded than risk losing.

Inconceivable even for the Republicans who have supported him for the past four years.

The Trump family finds itself more isolated than ever

The Trump family finds itself more isolated than ever, which has a knack of upsetting Donald Trump’s children. The president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. denounces the lack of reaction from elected officials or Republican Party members who would like to run in four years.

His brother Eric Trump goes even further on social networks with this amazing tweet:

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Eric Trump tweet

Eric Trump urged Republicans to come and defend his father and his groundless conspiracy theory.

Proof that Trump is being let down by the GOP establishment, even Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, and Trump’s strong supporter, no longer dares to speak out in the media.


Trump is increasingly isolated, while his defeat to Joe Biden is no longer in doubt. Some would have liked to see President Trump come out with a concession speech on the same level as John McCain in 2008. They can forget it right now.

The man who violently attacked John McCain in 2015 saying that “he is no war hero” will offer us a pitiful spectacle in the days to come. That of a man of little stature who will never be able to rise to the level of the man who was one of the last true heroes of the United States.

Donald Trump will confirm that he has no class and that he is indeed the worst president in the history of the United States.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden continues to pose as the future President of the United States by adopting a rallying posture that will be essential over the next four years to reconcile these two Americas more divided than ever.

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