The Most Important Thing Joe Biden Will Give Back to the United States

The election of Joe Biden is already a success just for that alone.

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The election of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States is a message of hope sent to all supporters of democracy. Joe Biden’s victory is good news that goes far beyond the Democratic camp.

If the blue wave hoped for by the Democratic Party did not take place, Joe Biden’s victory has gained momentum over the past week. Biden won 306 electoral votes and 78 million votes.

No candidate in the U.S. presidential election had ever received more than 69 million votes. The previous record belonged to Barack Obama in 2008.

Joe Biden has avoided triumphalism because he knows the big challenges that lie ahead

But Biden has avoided triumphalism because he knows that the task ahead of him will be a delicate one.

Indeed, Joe Biden will have to work to reconcile two Americas that appear more divided than ever even though Donald Trump obtained 72 million votes in this presidential election.

This huge figure shows that Trumpism is a trend that will last in American politics. Donald Trump’s ideas will survive his defeat at the hands of Joe Biden.

In 2016 against Hillary Clinton, when he had obtained the same number of electors as Joe Biden this year, Donald Trump spoke of “landslide”. America was entering a phase of exaggeration that Donald Trump would serve his supporters and the media for four years.

Less communication, more action with Joe Biden

With Joe Biden, the style will be radically different. Less communication, and more action.

A more conventional style that will undoubtedly give better results for Joe Biden and the United States. Even though Donald Trump continues to refuse to concede defeat to Joe Biden, Joe Biden’s main problem lies elsewhere today.

Joe Biden realizes that the Senate should remain Republican. This will be decided in the second round of the election in Georgia on January 5, 2021. Two seats will be at stake, but everything seems to indicate that the Senate will remain Republican.

This could seriously handicap Joe Biden’s room for maneuver. The major economic reforms in his program, which were aimed at reducing inequality in the United States, may never be voted on.

With a Donald Trump showing us every day a little more than the race for the 2024 presidential election has already begun, Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, will do everything to make Joe Biden’s presidency as difficult as possible.

Joe Biden’s victory is already a success for American democracy

Despite this, Joe Biden’s victory already represents an incredible success for the United States. Joe Biden will bring back to the highest level of the American state something that had been lacking in the country for the last four years.

This precious thing is a consistent voice at the head of the United States.

It may seem trivial to you, but this simple fact will totally change things. Gone is the unpredictability of Donald Trump making decisions at the last minute after consulting his supporters on Twitter or Facebook, or watching cable TV late at night.

Instead of this erratic policy, the United States will be led by a leader who thinks, listens to his advisors, learns, and plans.

When Joe Biden makes a decision, he will stick to it. The financial markets are already breathing a sigh of relief. Indeed, for the past four years, they have had to suffer the consequences of Donald Trump’s unpredictable tweets. Every day could be the scene of another unexpected decision by Donald Trump.

This was seen on numerous occasions regarding his trade war with Xi Jinping’s China.

The historic allies of the United States will regain confidence in the American voice

Donald Trump kept blowing hot and cold with the historical allies of the United States also during these four years. Sometimes friends, sometimes enemies. The historical allies of the United States, be it Canada or the Europeans, did not know which way to turn.

The United States was increasingly seen as an isolationist and belligerent nation.

It was difficult to cooperate with a country whose president was constantly repeating the “America First” doctrine and constantly changing his mind. The United States clearly no longer had any consistent vision, which was beginning to seriously damage its reputation.

On the climate, the Donald Trump method had also shown this problem of a consistent voice. Donald Trump, who had announced that he would come out of the Paris Agreement, then left the doubt of a possible turnaround after exchanges with French President Emmanuel Macron.

And then, as always, Donald Trump ended up sending out a devastating tweet announcing that the United States would emerge from the Paris climate agreement.


Regardless of the long-term consequences for the United States, Donald Trump showed that he was only interested in its popularity. In the end, his decisions were always guided by a constant concern to remain as popular as possible.

Unfortunately, a political leader must have the courage to make decisions that are unpopular in the short term but prove to be the right ones for his country in the long term.

With Joe Biden, this will be possible. After four years of Trump’s presidency, the United States needed a unifying president. An experienced president who will bring a consistent voice back to the United States by getting the country back on track.

Joe Biden is an opportunity for the United States. Democrats and Republicans should do everything possible to give him their full support because the United States faces extraordinary challenges in the coming years that can only be met with a united country.

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