There Is Only One Secret To Know For Overcoming Fear Of Judgment

Fear of others’ eyes is something that handicaps many people. Maybe even you are. If so, you have trouble getting into new things in life because you are constantly afraid of the judgment of others. Thus, you are afraid of the judgment of your loved ones but also of that of people more generally. I have good news for you because there is actually only one secret to know for overcoming the fear of others’ judgment in life.

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You Have The Feeling That Everyone Is Watching You

If fear of others’ eyes is your daily pain, you probably have the feeling that everyone is looking at what you are doing. So when you walk down the street, you imagine that all the eyes of the strangers around you are focused on you. These strangers watch for your every move by constantly judging you.

You then enter a spiral of negative thoughts. The situation is the same when you arrive in your company’s open space. You think everyone is watching you for the slightest weakness. All this prevents you from being yourself because you constantly act by thinking about the reactions of the people around you.

Finally, you have a lot of projects you’d like to get involved in but you’re stuck because you’re too afraid of what others will think of you. All this prevents you from achieving your full potential and you live to match the image that others have of you. Thus, it is impossible for you to launch into new things or trying original things.

You Focus Only On The Result

When you manage to launch yourself by overcoming the omnipresent fear of others’ eyes, you are caught up in another fear: what if success is not at the end of the road? What will the people around me think? Will they consider me a loser?

This fear of judgment leads you to focus only on the result. For you, only the final result starts to count and in fact, you will give up before you have even finished your projects.

For you, the result takes precedence over the intention. You are working backwards. The negative mental spiral in which you are leads you to write the complete history of your project even before you have tried to start this project. Thus, you often come to the conclusion that failure is likely and you do not even try to actually implement this project and write your story in real life.

You Judge Yourself Constantly

Your fear of the eyes of others has made you your main opponent. Indeed, you are so afraid of what others will think of your actions that you have become an even more severe judge of your actions. You have lost your sense of reality. In fact, you even tend to lower yourself.

You were afraid of others’ eyes and now you do everything to avoid it by judging yourself even more harshly in a preventive way. When you carry out an action, you judge yourself throughout the process leading to its realization.

This way of constantly judging yourself prevents you from being satisfied once the task is completed. The task may be a success, but you will always find fault and you will not be fully satisfied. Thus, you have lost the taste for success because of this fear of judgment.

The Reality Is Quite Different

Your perception of the world is totally distorted by your fear of the judgment of others. Over time, it has only gotten worse. The reality is quite different!

Let’s go back to the initial example I told you about. So when you walk down the street, you tend to think that everyone has eyes only for you and your actions. The reality is very different and it is essential that you be aware of it.

In reality, everyone thinks the same as you generally. Thus, other people also think that they are often observed. In fact, they clearly don’t have time to observe you. They spend too much time looking at themselves to make sure they are up to the standards of people’s eyes.

Everyone is in their own bubble, believing they are being observed. Once you have assimilated this first point, you will have taken a big step and will no longer be afraid of this look of people pointed at you which is only an invention of your mind created by your fear of judgment.

This example can be applied to the professional world or in most other contexts that frighten you.

Be Optimistic

To put an end to your fear of judgment once and for all, you must start by being optimistic. To do this, you also need to surround yourself with optimistic people. This is the best way to stop the negative spiral that seizes the thoughts of people who are afraid of the judgment of others.

Once you are surrounded by optimistic people, you will have the courage to get started and try new things. Why? Simply because you will be able to consider failures for what they are: a stepping stone to your future success. You will be able to make the most of each of your failures and then achieve success.

Just Look To Do What You think Is The Right Thing

Then you will be able to understand the real secret so that you are no longer afraid of the judgment of others. The secret is that you just have to focus on the right things to do.

So, whatever situation you are going to face, you will have to focus on the right thing to do. Take information from around you and then make the right decision yourself. The right decision is simply the one that applies to you when you have to make the choice.

Once you have made this decision, take action and have no more fear because you have made the right decision, which is simply the best for you. From that point on, the result is not so important as long as you are fully committed to what you do.

By doing so, you will put an end to the fear of others’ judgment and, at the same time, put an end to the spiral of negative thoughts that drove you to constantly judge yourself as well.

Then what has to happen will happen. Whether success or failure occurs, you will have no regrets and you can continue on your way by continuing to focus only on the right things to do for you.

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