You Must Know The Fundamental Difference Between People That Succeed And People That Fail

This will allow you to be part of the category of those who succeed.

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There are many ups and downs in life. When you fails, you may tend to think that you will never be able to lift your head and succeed in turn. Your many past failures weigh on your mindset and surely prevent you from achieving great things because self-confidence is missing you.

But in life, it is mindset that will make all the difference. Without a mindset oriented towards action and risk-taking, you will start with a significant disadvantage. Contrary to what some may think, not everyone is born with this mindset.

I would even say that most successful people have developed this mindset over the course of their lives. Better still, it is precisely because of their past failures that this mindset has been forged. Thus, properly analyzed failures allow us to do better the next time and get closer to success.

Steve Jobs Was Forced Out From Apple

Most people keep Steve Jobs’ image as an innovative entrepreneur who had a marketing genius. They know that he was at the origin of the smartphone revolution when he launched the iPhone.

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It enabled Apple to enjoy a fabulous success in the 2000s, on which the company still relies today to be valued at more than $1 trillion.

All this is only the emerging part of Steve Jobs’ story. As you delve into his early days, you will discover that after founding Apple with Steve Wozniak, he was finally fired from his position at Apple by the board of directors for the benefit of John Sculley.

For the record, it was Steve Jobs who himself hired this famous John Sculley at Apple. A stab wound to the back that left Steve Jobs totally devastated at the age of 30.

Nevertheless, Steve Jobs chose not to give up following this failure. He decided to try again and first founded NeXT Computer, which was finally bought by Apple for over $400 million in 1997. He then bought the animation studio Pixar, which he made a huge success of before selling it to Disney for more than 7 billion dollars in 2006.

The ultimate revenge came in 1997 when he returned to lead Apple for the success we all know today.

Michael Jordan Was Cut Off From His Basketball Team In High School

In the world of sport, there are also famous examples of people who have been able to recover from failure for achieving great success. At the forefront of these athletes is Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time.

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You should know that before shining in the NBA and becoming a world icon in Basketball, Michael Jordan was rejected from his High School team because he was not tall enough…

So rejected at 15, Michael Jordan was about to give up everything. Without the moral support of his mother who convinced him to overcome this failure, Michael Jordan would never have had the fantastic success he had.

On the contrary, it was this failure that strengthened his determination and forged his character as a champion that allowed him to win 6 NBA championship titles. Indeed, when he resumed competition after his failure, Michael Jordan made the decision never to be a loser again.

His champion mindset was therefore forged in this failure which was the foundation for his future success.

Jeff Bezos Has Also Experienced Failures With Amazon

By 2019, Amazon now has nearly half of the online business market in the United States! Even better, the firm founded by Jeff Bezos in the mid-1990s has more than 300 million clients worldwide.

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When we read biographies about Jeff Bezos, we would tend to get the impression that everything has always been successful for him. This is again the impression you may have from the outside, but you must know that like you or me, Jeff Bezos has also experienced many failures.

Once he arrived in Princeton, Jeff Bezos was determined to take physics courses. Major of promotion in High School, he thought he could largely launch himself in this direction. Nevertheless, it was rejected because he couldn’t handle honors physics courses. He therefore had to switch his major to computer science. Well, it gave him the fundamental foundation he needed to found Amazon.

Here again, you see a striking example of a failure transformed into success by someone who has taken advantage of it.

Since he founded Amazon, Jeff Bezos has not only been successful, as you might think. Thus, for the monumental successes of Amazon Kindle, Amazon Prime or Amazon Web Services, Jeff Bezos has experienced equally resounding failures with his Fire Phone, Amazon Local or Askville.

Nevertheless, its successes are such that they more than compensate for failures. In concrete terms, failure is never a brake on his ambitions because Jeff Bezos considers the following thing:

“It’s not an experiment if you know it’s going to work.”

So you have to accept the risks to experiment without knowing if it will work or not. It’s the only way Jeff Bezos can be successful. I think we should also be inspired by this mindset.

Successful People Are Those Who Try Once Again

These examples from Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan and Jeff Bezos highlight the fundamental difference between successful and unsuccessful people.

This difference is ultimately quite simple: the people who succeed are the ones who try again after a failure.

Better still, their past failures reinforce their determination because they know how to take advantage of them for their future projects and their goals. In some cases, failures will even allow you to redirect yourself into other areas that will be more promising for you.

You must therefore never stop trying in life and above all learn from your failures. Your objective must be to try to do better the next time. This is how you will achieve great things in turn.

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