You Want To Becoming a Great Leader? You Must Be Truly Humble

You could never become a great leader without real humility.

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For decades, employers have been looking for employees who will be able to become great leaders for their teams within their company. Until now, the qualities most sought by these same employers have been charisma, charm and the ability to lead a team with an iron fist. Authority was therefore seen as a virtue…

Times are changing and it now seems that these same employers realize that these are not the qualities that will allow the emergence of great leaders.

In reality, great leaders, those who obtain respect naturally without needing excessive authority, have an essential common trait. This common trait is simply humility! Thus, what was previously seen as a lack of self-confidence, or even a defect by some, is actually the first quality to become a great leader.

Humility Gives A Leader The Ability To Serve Others

A humble leader will instantly understand that his role is first and foremost to serve the people he leads. Indeed, the greater power a leader has, in fact, gives him greater responsibilities.

Among his responsibilities is that of creating a work environment that allows each member of his team to develop personally and professionally. The leader must work on the following axes: autonomy, control and purpose.

By allowing the members of his team to be more autonomous, to really master the tasks entrusted to them and by giving their work a real purpose to which they adhere, the great leader will make them grow while growing in turn.

In order to have a leader capable of truly serving others, it is absolutely necessary that he be truly humble. This character trait is therefore essential for any great leader.

Humility Allows The Leader To Learn From Others

A great leader should never feel superior to the people he leads. I’m not just talking about not making them feel like he feels superior. I am talking about the fact that he must sincerely not feel superior.

This requires a great deal of humility. A leader with this trait will be a great leader because he will be able to learn from others whether they are under his command or not.

However, you must understand that in life, you never finish learning. Whether you are Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk or Warren Buffett, whether you are 30 or 60, there is always something to learn in life. Thus, you must constantly adopt the student’s attitude towards the teacher in all your professional or even personal relationships.

By doing so, you will always be listening and ready to give your attention to others to learn new things. To demonstrate this openness to others, a leader must have real humility in himself.

That’s a certainty!

Humility Will Allow The Leader To Gain The Natural Respect Of Others

Overall, there are two types of leaders:

  • The great leader
  • The bad leader

What differentiates the great leader from the bad leader?

The bad leader will obtain his power from others by being obliged to use the authority that his status confers on him. On the other hand, the good leader naturally obtains his power from others without having to resort to his authority.

The great leader emerges thanks to the support and the respect he naturally obtains from the people he simply supervises!

This does not happen overnight, of course. It is a process that requires real effort on the part of the leader. Nevertheless, without a real humility in him, a leader will never achieve this status of great leader because he will never be able to naturally federate around him.

How Does This Apply To You?

Assuming that humility is the most important trait of great leaders, the challenge for you will be twofold. First of all, if you want to become a great leader, you will have to be really humble. This takes time, but it is the sine qua non condition for achieving this status.

Then, if you are looking to recruit an employee in your startup or company who can become a real leader, the challenge will be to recognize this quality in him.

However, this is not easy because truly humble people do not appear. In addition, arrogant people are aware of the importance of this quality now and will therefore try to pretend to be humble and useful to make a good impression.

Time must therefore be allowed to run out and the real behavior of people must be observed over time. Only in this way will the truly humble people reveal themselves to you. Very often, you will notice that they have the following attributes:

  • Sincerity
  • Modesty
  • Sense of fairness

Once these attributes have been identified in a person wishing to become a leader, it will be necessary to move on to the simulation. At this precise moment, you will be able to check if these people are great leaders because the functioning of their teams will become easier.

In conclusion, never forget that a great leader can only be recognized by the consideration of the people he leads and what they are willing to give for him.

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